Boy Scout Troop 15 - Directions

Boy Scout Troop 15 meets Thursday nights from 7:00-8:30 at First Presbyterian Church of Ewing, 100 Scotch Road in Ewing, NJ. The Scout Hut is a separate building, behind the education building, in the complex across the street from the church and cemetery.

From Parkway Avenue - Turn onto Scotch Road where it begins at Parkway Avenue. Head north past the shopping center and the library. As you pass Carlton Avenue on your right, the road turns sharply to the left. Turn off to the right into the church, immediately past the turn, and stay to the right to go behind the buildings.

From Interstate 95 - Take I-95 to Exit 3, Scotch Road, and head south on Scotch Road. Pass one light, the airport, a railroad underpass that says Welcome to Ewing, and another light (Upper Ferry Road). Turn left into the driveway across from the church and stay to the right to go behind the buildings. If you hit a sharp right turn then you have gone past it.

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